In its new role, procurement is expected to be a ‘value enabler’. The role of CPO is seen as evolving to that of a trusted business partner and advisor working in sync with the C-suite and procurement strategic decision makers to mitigate risks, create competitive advantage, and drive enterprise growth.

With deep expertise in procurement transformation, we guide enterprise procurement teams toward a new operating model — one where strategy, technology and operations combine to deliver game-changing business outcomes. Following are the services we offer:

Category Strategies
Category plans act as oars to steer your procurement boat ahead. These plans are closely aligned with the business objectives and are designed in collaboration with key stakeholders. They form the basis of various sourcing strategies and contract management activities,and facilitates adopting a proactive approach towards planning and execution of various projects. However, development of category plans is a resource intensive and time-consuming activity that takes a backseat when Business as Usual is a priority and thus cripples the function to respond reactively rather than proactively.

At Dataction we work closely with category leadsand significantly reduce the efforts required to create category plans. We assumeresponsibility of all heavy lifting activities such as collating and preparing base data for spend, contracts, market trends etc. which can then be used to develop category strategies. We leverage ourproprietary framework for opportunity assessment and then recommend the ideal sequence in which the execution of theseopportunities should be prioritized based on implementationcomplexity and expected ROI. To read more click here.

We work closely with procurement leadership and category leads to create detailed sourcing wave plans including strategic project scorecards, resource allocation and schedules. We also assist category leads in developing Category Cards and Playbooks based on agreed strategies for future ready reference
Procurement Performance Tracking And Reporting
In this age, making rough estimates or shooting in the dark will only get you so far, and this makes gaining access to the perfect mix of tangible insights very vital. Hence, serving up historical trends, and real-time insights in a way that’s visual, digestible, and easy to navigate is imperative to keep the business on track.

At Dataction we design reports and dashboards that help our clients in swift decision making and provides them business intelligence that will lead to growth. We customize the reports as per the requirements of the reviewer and business needs. The high-level activities include:

Following are the services we offer:
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Savings Reporting

Covers details on cost reduction, cost avoidance, benefits gained and the department’s contribution to the business performance indicators such as top line, bottom line, ROI, etc.

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Compliance Reporting

Highlights risks and tracks contract compliance, PO compliance, supplier compliance, catalogue compliance, payment terms compliance, vendor performances and system usage compliance

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Engagement Reporting

Helps our clientele leverage different procurement skills of our experts and establish a symbiotic working mechanism

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Operations and Status Reporting:

Provides a structural and tactical view of the procurement function to maximize impact

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KPI Reporting

Helps our clientele track progress in accordance with their long-term objectives

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Custom Reports and Analysis

Tailor made as per clients’ need